It has been four months since Louisville Metro Police Department officers killed Breonna Taylor while she was sleeping in her home. Still, none of the three officers involved in the killing have been arrested, and only one of them has been fired, as Blavity previously reported.

Looking for justice, protesters in Louisville have been demonstrating for 45 straight days, WLKY reported. The protest continued on Saturday, with an armed group that traveled from Florida leading the way.

According to WAVE 3, Dr. Alli Muhammad led the armed group as a member of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party (RBPP) from Florida. The march started in the area where David McAtee was killed by police last month. McAtee, who was a business owner, was shot as officers were trying to break up a crowd during a protest, as Blavity previously reported

As Muhammad's group continued their March to downtown Louisville, they were joined by musicians who also expressed their support for Taylor. Kara Rexx, one of the organizers of the Musician's March, applauded the level of solidarity that was displayed by different races and various genres of music during the demonstration.

"We brought out our punks, our metal heads, our hip-hop people, our hardcore people, our dance club people," Rexx told WLKY.

The organizer hoped that the demonstration would be an eye-opener for people who witnessed it.

"All of these people here are going to go home and talk to their family members who are kind of ignorant about things and say 'hey, I was there, and I saw these people. They're peaceful, they just want justice," Rexx said.

Following Saturday's protest, a conflict ensued within the RBPP organization. The problem started when Muhammad faced criticism from Ahamara Mathis, who identified herself as a member of the Louisville RBPP Chapter. In a statement to WAVE 3, Mathis said Muhammad is a con artist.

"Dr. Alli Muhammad who claims to be Chief of operations of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party is a fraud," Mathis stated. "I have met him and he has been in my home. He is a con artist who has positioned himself under the guise of Black Panthers to manipulate women and collect money for his own gain."

The national organization subsequently denounced the statement from Mathis, WAVE 3 reported. 

"Ahamara Brewster AKA Ahamara Mathis joined the Revolutionary Black Panther Party in November of 2018 and apparently used the Party for recognition and economic gain amongst other ulterior motives, resulting in the alleged misuse of the RBPP, members, the people, and community amongst other violations," the national organization said in a statement.

The national organization said Mathis stole money and attacked people for their orientation, leading to her suspension from the organization. She was also accused of starting an unlawful nonprofit in the RBPP’s name in December. 

According to the statement from the national organization, Mathis is trying "to hide behind the 501C3 to avoid her complete removal from the Revolutionary Black Panther Party."

"Ahamara Brewster AKA Ahamara Mathis et al., and her 501C3 is a fraudulent, unauthorized entity established without permission from the Revolutionary Black Panther Party and/or Dr. Alli Muhammad MD et al," the organization stated.