The Love & Marriage: Huntsville crew is dealing with a lot of drama this season and much of it has Miss Wanda in the center. The feisty woman is the mother of Latisha Scott and has had her share of critique and shade to throw toward the holts, specifically Melody. The Holts and the shows fans are upset with Miss Wanda after she made a comment questioning the paternity of one of the Holt’s children. Fans are upset and have a lot to say regarding why Scott doesn’t get involved.

Miss Wanda questions paternity

As reported by Urban Belle Mag, Miss Wanda recently made comments that she doesn’t believe that Martell is the biological father of he and Melody’s youngest child. In a trailer for the upcoming second half of season 4, Melody confronts Miss Wanda they clash. Marsau Scott intervenes and things become physical. But Miss Wanda is not backing down and stands by her comments.

Fans are outraged

Fans of the show are outraged and started a petition to urge producers to fire Miss Wanda from the show. Initially, Martell said Miss Wanda had been fired, but Marsau denies it and claims Miss Wanda will continue to film scenes with her family.

Miss Wanda and Marsau recently appeared on Night Cap with Carlos King and it was a controversial episode.

King promoted the show on his Instagram and fans ripped the Scott family and Miss Wanda apart and want to know why Latisha doesn't intervene.

She insists that she has nothing to do with her mother’s behavior, and responded to the fans to remind them that her mom’s comments are her own.

“Who said ANYTHING about a baby?” she commented, per a screenshot captured by Urban Belle Mag.

As far as saying stuff about the children, she responded to someone and said: “And the Scotts never said anything about the Holt kids.”