Brent Faiyaz did something special for lovers on Valentine’s Day by dropping the steamy music video for his single, “WY@,” which features Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.

The cinematic-like visual starts with Faiyaz and Nyong’o racing through the desert in what looks to be a high-speed chase. The visual cuts in and out of scenes of the two arguing and then transitions to them walking through the desert, which turns out to be a movie set. Before he goes in for a kiss, a director yells, “And cut!” ending their close moment.

Amidst the chaotic scenes, the beat on the track produced by Anthoine Walters, Dpat, Otxhello, Jonathan Wells and Berg drops, making way for the Maryland singer. He begins the first verse with, “Even I know you ain’t no good for me/ But you feel so good to me/ Every time I come back, I try to leave/ So how you end up back with me?”

As the video continues, scenes include Faiyaz waking from what seems like a dream featuring Nyong’o, but it is another part of the so-called film. In January, the 28-year-old singer shared a selfie on Instagram, teasing he was working on something with Nyong’o.


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“WY@” was the lead single from Faiyaz’s debut mixtape titled, Larger Than Life. The 14-track mixtape included features from Missy Elliott, Coco Jones, ASAP Rocky and Babyface Ray. Faiyaz sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss the inspiration behind the song.

“I’m a procrastinator, I’m a frivolous spender, and I definitely spend a lot of time with a lot of different women. That record reflects having access and opportunity and having to say no to certain s**t — or the inability to say no to certain s**t. “That record is about addiction in a way, shape, or form, but more from the perspective of submitting to it versus fighting against it.”

Faiyaz added, “It touches on addiction in a way that makes it a little more seductive. That’s on some, ‘Where you at?’ That late-night text you send, you probably been drinking a little bit, been outside, know you shouldn’t do that s**t — but f**k it. The access is always gonna be there, so I’m gonna pull up.”

Check out the video for “WY@” below!