Per BoxOfficeMojo, Sony/Columbia Pictures has set an official release date for the M. Night Shyamalan/Will and Jaden Smith sci-fi project, titled 1000 A.E. .

Mark June 7th 2013 on your calendars. Nearly 2 full years away, but time flies, and before you know it, we’re facing fall 2012, and debating the teaser trailer, stills and other media released for this thing.

Also, I suppose we could tentatively say that this could very well be Pappa Smith’s next project after Men In Black III, which will be out next summer. I don’t believe he’s scheduled to shoot anything else between now and the time 1000 A.E. would have to be shot for it to go through what may be a lengthy post-production phase (given that it’ll likely be an effects-heavy sci-fi flick) and be ready in time for a summer 2013 debut.

In fact, I read several reports last month that said Will, Shyamalan and other crew were already scouting locations all over.

1000 A.E. will star daddy Will and son Jaden, who last worked together on The Pursuit Of Happyness.

It’s described as a “futuristic science fiction adventure film,” with a story that takes place “far in the future where a young boy has to navigate an abandoned planet on a space ship that has crashed. On board the ship is his estranged father.

Previously, it was said that Shyamalan won’t be penning the script, just directing, which fanboys were happy about; but it looks like he’ll share co-writing credit with Gary Whitta (The Book Of Eli) will.

Not much else is known at this time. But once we know, you’ll know.

I’d say Shyamalan has the most to benefit from this, given how his last few films have been received; even when he wasn’t directing. And Jaden Smith’s meteoric rise to the type of super-stardom his father already enjoys will continue.

And let’s not forget Willow Smith’s Annie remake that’s currently in the works.

Don’t hate 😉