The Madame Tussauds museum in Las Vegas has debuted their latest attempt to capture Beyoncé in wax form, releasing photos of the newest statue on Friday. Fans say the museum finally got it right with the star but missed the mark elsewhere.

The internet has spent years panning the wax museum's disastrous attempts over the years to create statues of the Grammy-winning icon. 

The global wax museum was criticized heavily for repeatedly lightening her skin to make her look white or making her largely unrecognizable to fans, but now it's her backup dancers that appear to be white. 

The new wax figure will pay homage to Beyoncé's groundbreaking "Beychella" performance with the star donning her signature sweatshirt.

The museum went to great lengths to popularize the release by shooting a music video and taking dozens of promotional shots with other figures.

It took 20 Madame Tussauds artists four months and over 500 hours to complete the figure.

The response online was mixed, mostly because the wax museum made yet another racial faux pas. They failed to make any of the backup dancers Black, which would be strange to anyone who watched her Coachella performance. Some also complained that the wax figure removed all of the singer's curves.

In other parts of the world, London recently replaced an aging statue of Queen Elizabeth II with one of Beyoncé. The replacement was partially a joke but also because the legend is shooting the music video for "Brown Skin Girl" in London right now.