Once labeled as the “queen of controversy,” Madonna is doing everything she can to reclaim her crown. Her latest effort happened when the pop star took part in a live with TikToker Terri Joe. The chaotic duo jumped on the livestream and discussed several topics. But if the surprise of Madonna having a casual conversation on TikTok wasn’t enough, fans were stunned when the singer sniffed an unknown substance from a small bottle.

Madonna’s glam team surrounded her as they worked on her hair. At the beginning of the interview, she mentioned how “tired” she was because she had “just finished a six-hour fitting.”

Terri Joe was in the middle of asking Madonna what she was getting ready for when the singer aggressively sniffed a substance out of a small bottle.

“Is that poppers?!” the interviewer screamed.

The 64-year-old singer seemed to be experiencing a head rush. She then replied, “Whoa, I’ve never done that before.”

@Rapalert1OO shared a tweet of the moment Madonna took a mid-interview pick-me-up. “Not Madonna doing poppers on TikTok Live,” read the caption.

Tweet Courtesy of @rapalert1OO

The scrolling comments included “IM DYING”, “OMGGGG”, and “DID SHE JUST….????” But no one was as taken aback as the host, who fell out of her chair for a moment and then continued with the off-kilter interview.