In the spring and summer months, sometimes wearing a full-coverage foundation can feel a bit heavy on the skin. A great alternative for a natural, lightweight look and feel is to use a BB cream to help perfect your skin. But BB creams can cost upwards of $45 — a hefty price tag for a low-coverage, everyday look. Instead, here’s a quick and effective guide to making your own BB cream with products you already have in your home:

diy bb cream
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What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite foundation (thin, pigmented foundations work best, but any will do)
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer
  • Small cosmetic container

So if you’re someone who dabbles in makeup occasionally or who is serious about taking care of your skin, you’ll likely have all of these products already in your arsenal. To create the perfect cream for your complexion, add a foundation of your choice, a moisturizer that fits best with your skin type and some sunscreen. Add a few drops of each to your cosmetic container and mix them together until you have a smooth consistency and an even tone.

diy bb cream

If you find that your cream is too light or too dark, add more moisturizer or foundation respectively until you find the perfect shade for you. Once everything is all mixed together, you can simply apply it to your skin as a substitute for your foundation and proceed with your normal makeup routine.

This DIY recipe is perfect for those who have been longing for that lightweight summer glow. And the moisture and SPF will have your skin thanking you. Simply put, it’s a recipe you can’t (and shouldn’t!) resist.

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