The internet's heartstrings received a significant pull when former Blue's Clues host Steve checked in with the show's now adult audience years after he left the show for "college." But, proven over time, nothing can be taken seriously on social media. A parody video surfaced on Instagram, with Monte Bell dressed in a green striped shirt similar to the one worn by Steve. The video now has people cackling with its hilarious spin on the original clip. 

"Remember how when we were younger, we used to hang out and cut school, and we would invite all our friends over and freak out when your mother came home, and all those cool things?" Bell says in the video.

The clip, which has been viewed approximately 18,000 times on Instagram, quickly went viral for hilariously giving another version of events. 

"What I did was, I went and got a job, which was very interesting because it taught me so many cool things," he continued. "But throughout all of those years, I never stopped thinking of you. Ever." 

"In fact, this entire time I've been trying to reach you regarding your vehicle's extended warranty," he closed. 

Clearly, the internet still loves a good joke. Many gathered in the comments on Facebook to share how accurately funny the video was. 

"I love being Black and appreciate all my Black American people because one thing we gon do is have fun," one person commented under the post.

"We can't have nothing nice cuz y'all play too much," another wrote, with a list of laughing emojis. 

In an unforeseen twist, some took offense to the video, thinking that it was making fun of original host Steve and his heartfelt message that had some millennials crying. 

"Leave it to someone to make a video trying to be funny, but to some out there it just makes it look like you're making fun of the original," someone else commented.

They weren't alone. Another user added, "To be real, don't play Steve when it comes to Blue's Clues, really." 

All in all, most social media users understood the comedy behind the video was all in good spirits and came to the comedian's defense. 

"HILARIOUS! It is a JOKE! Why are people so serious? It felt good to laugh! We don't do that enough these days," one woman wrote in response.