A man has captivated the internet after busting out his dance moves in the middle of New York traffic. The man, who was captured in a cellphone video recorded by journalist Brian Cheung, was seen jumping out of his car and trolling an impatient truck driver behind him.

"Incredible sequence outside my window just now," Cheung wrote in the video's caption on Twitter.

The truck driver can be heard blowing his horn at the beginning of the video, demanding the jeep owner in front of him move ahead because the light had turned green. Being receptive to the beeping would be far too predictable. Instead, the jeep driver comes out of his car and breaks out in dance. 

The rather skilled dancer first remains near his car and warms up his routine. He then gradually makes his way toward the truck while skipping, grooving, wiggling, hip thrusting, milly rocking, penguin feeting and everything.

Several Twitter users joined in on the fun by adding music to the viral video.

Cheung connected with the New York dancer and shared some messages they exchanged. 

“I wasn't slow at all bro. He honked soon as the light turned green literally Lmfaoo [sic] so I waited and then went in and got sturdy,” the Jeep owner wrote to Cheung.

The dancer also said the truck driver "was sticking two thumbs up trying not to look at me but the whole block was laughing." 

Now, the whole internet is laughing.

The footage also sparked slight debate on social media about who was in the right. 

In the end, the truck driver may have wasted a few minutes of his day, but he ultimately made ours.