Everyone knows when the clock strikes midnight on the tail end of Halloween on Oct. 31, the grand marshall of the Christmas season enters. Every year, Mariah Carey's hit single "All I Want for Christmas" is played in homes across the country, signifying the start of the holiday season. But for some people, Christmas music is the furthest thing being played on their speakers. That rings true for a bar manager in Dallas, Texas. 

Stoneleigh P bar general manager is refusing to participate in the widely promoted holiday tradition that the queen of Christmas and her devoted lambs, an affectionate moniker the singer gave her fans, look forward to. Despite outside pressure, the manager is sticking to her guns, declaring with a sign that the famed song will only be played starting Dec. 1. But the manager isn't stopping there; she mandated that once December rolls around, the song will only be allowed to play once a night.

The sign posted inside of the bar prompted a response from Carey. The singer tweeted a picture of herself adorned in military armor after a Twitter user cheekily inquired, "Is this the so-called war on Christmas?"

The bar's general manager said she harbors no ill-will toward the songstress but the popular song is overplayed during the holiday season.

"I don't hate Mariah Carey, and I don't hate Christmas," she told CNN.

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" debuted 27 years ago and has been at the top of the charts consistently. This year, Carey commenced the holiday season with a video shared to Twitter. In the short clip, the singer walks outside, draped in a red sequin gown, swinging a candy cane-striped baseball bat, and strikes three pumpkins with the words "IT'S NOT TIME" carved into them.

While her 1994 Christmas classic plays, Carey smiles to the camera and says, "It's time."

To add to the fast-approaching holidays, Carey alludes to additional gifts that will drop on Nov. 5, so stay tuned.