White women have shown their true colors over the past year. With routine calls to the police on Black people living their lives, a cell phone in a white woman's hand can be a dangerous thing. 

Luckily, actor Idris Elba was present on Saturday Night Live to illustrate how such privilege can be lethal. 

In his first stint as an SNL host, Elba, known for his roles in The Wire and Luther, transformed into "The Impossible Hulk" in SNL's latest digital short.

Anyone familiar with the tortured Marvel superhero knows scientist Bruce Banner turns into a green, 9-foot tall monster capable of immeasurable strength when angered.

Well, Elba is now Banner, with a twist.

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The actor's version of an enraged Banner now turns into a privileged white woman.

Noisy neighbors beware; managers stay on the ready, and Black people doing mundane activities be on the lookout because it's the "The Impossible Hulk."  

Fans were quick to praise SNL for capturing the ridiculously accurate attitudes of some white women. For example, there's one bit in the short where Elba is pulled over by police. Fearing for his life, he turns into The Impossible Hulk, evading the officer's possible harassment.  

Take a look at the full short below: 

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