A high school student in Annapolis, Maryland, is in big trouble after sending a racist Snapchat message following a loss by her school’s basketball team.

The Broadneck High student posted a picture of herself with the caption “you only win cause you're a bunch of f***ing n****rs,” after the team lost to the mostly Black Annapolis High School basketball team on Monday, reports WBFF.

Broadneck High's principal, Jim Todd, believes the girl sent the picture in a private message to another student who shared it. Todd apologized for the student’s actions and promised she would be disciplined in a letter to parents.

“The contents of this post were outrageous, deplorable and entirely unacceptable,” the principal wrote. “I condemn them in the strongest possible terms. I became aware of the post late last night and contacted the parents of the student. … We will carry out the discipline process as we do in any other case, but I want to assure you that I will take the strongest action possible in accordance with our code of student conduct.”

Todd also assured the community the student’s opinion doesn’t reflect the values of Broadneck High School. He plans to facilitate meetings to allow other students to express their views and feelings about the Snapchat message.

“I want to be clear that I don’t believe the actions of this single student in any way represents the mindset of the majority of our student body,” he continued. “I spoke to our students this morning, and reiterated to them our expectation that our building will be one where acceptance and inclusion is not just the expectation, but the norm.”

Annapolis High School Principal Patrick Gelinas also released a statement condemning the post. Gelinas provided counseling services to Annapolis students who were adversely affected by the message.

“Last night’s post was reprehensible and entirely unacceptable,” he said. “It was a hate-filled message aimed at our students and our community, and one which was difficult at best to read. I have spoken with Broadneck High School Principal Jim Todd this morning and he shares my anger over this incident. I am confident that he and his administrative team will deal with the matter swiftly and appropriately. I have pledged my support in any way possible.”

Gelinas also discouraged retaliation against the racist student.

“We cannot control what has happened,” he said. “However, we must not respond in kind. To do so would undermine everything we stand for at Annapolis High School.”

Racism has been an ongoing issue in the Anne Arundel County school district, according to WJZ. Recently, a student at Chesapeake High rode around with a Confederate flag on his car. Additionally, nooses have been discovered in two middle schools.

These incidents have resulted in Superintendent George Arlotto hosting meetings to discourage the behavior.

“It makes me both very angry and very sad that, in 2019, we’re having to have these conversations we know that we have to do this on behalf of our kids,” Arlotto said.

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