The Pied Piper is looking to lure in new listeners, but he has a harder time than he may have expected.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, R. Kelly took to his Twitter page Tuesday to announce an international tour that includes Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Kelly's announcement, however, was met with swift and harsh backlash.

The now deleted social post reportedly read, “See y’all soon” followed by, “The King of R&B.” Noticeably, no dates, times or links to purchase tickets were included in the tweet.

As Blavity has reported, Kelly faces multiple allegations of rape and child molestation; these allegations were explored in detail in the recent and explosive Lifetime Surviving R. Kelly documentary. The airing of that program gave new life to the #MuteRKelly campaign, which seeks to have the artist's music removed from radio playlists and to ensure Kelly isn't invited to perform at any concerts or festivals. 

Although the musician has denied any wrongdoing, it appears many in Australia don't want Kelly on their continent. 

As the BBC reports, many Australians began tweeting their disapproval about the artist's upcoming visit:

The question of Kelly's visit to the country has even reached the halls of government.

According to ABC Australia, Shayne Neumann, a Labor Party politician in Australia's House of Representatives, said Kelly ought not to be allowed on his country's shores. The politician said the government must deny the visa of any “non-citizen [who] does not pass the character test, or there is a risk to the community while they are in Australia,” based on the country's Migration Act.

"Labor would be seriously concerned if Immigration Minister David Coleman would allow an individual such as R. Kelly into Australia,” Neumann added.

A spokesperson for the Department of Home Affairs refused to comment on the status of Kelly's visa. However, the department did echo Neumann by saying anyone who wants to visit Australia must meet the government's “character requirements” and that a visitor may be rejected if they are “found not to be of good character.”

The likelihood of R. Kelly being denied entry into the country is not far-fetched. Previously, Australia has denied entry to American entertainers facing allegations of criminal behavior, including boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, R&B superstar Chris Brown and pickup artist Julien Blanc, all of whom face accusations of perpetrating violence against women.

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