While some pundits have chastised the Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B song, "WAP," Rep. Maxine Waters is praising the performance, describing it as a symbol of empowerment for women. The congresswoman expressed her thoughts on the song during an online chat with Megan, hosted by Harper's Bazaar.

Contradicting some commentators who view the hit single as nothing more than a sexually explicit production, Waters applauded the artists for their courage.  

"Now that's audacity," Waters said. "That is audacity."

The interview, which touched on various topics, centered on "WAP" after the California lawmaker was asked to name some songs she listens to for inspiration. Waters first mentioned that she listens to classic performers such as Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan. The 82-year-old proceeded to explain that she has been involved with young's people music during her career, particularly noting her effort to oppose lawmakers when they tried to censor artists such as Tupac.

When it comes to today's music, Waters said one of the songs she admires is "Savage" by Megan and Beyoncé

"I paid attention to that because it was a remix and I like the idea of getting together with Beyoncé," the Los Angeles politician said. "That was really important for a lot of reasons. One was, Beyoncé has been around for a bit longer and achieved a certain level of success. But she was not thinking of herself in such a way that she knew more. She came looking for [Megan] and she did this remix. And I thought that's what Black women do."

The congresswoman then noted "WAP" as another one of her favorite songs from today's era.

Praising the controversial hit, Waters said the performance is an example of women taking charge.

"Women didn't say for a long time what they could say or wanted to say," she said. "So I thought that's audacity."

Noting the evolving genre of hip-hop, the Democrat said she is noticing that female artists are no longer afraid to express themselves.

"You young women have taken control of your art," the Los Angeles resident said. "You're defining it in a way that it would never be defined by anybody else." 

While Waters applauds the artists, conservative groups, in particular, have bashed "WAP." One of the notorious pundits, Ben Shapiro, said the song represents the feminist movement as a whole, Billboard reported.

"Guys, this is what feminists fought for," he said during his radio segment. "This is what the feminist movement is all about. It's not really about women being treated as independent, full-rounded human beings. It's about wet a-- p-word. And if you say anything differently, [it's] because you're a misogynist, you see."