As Meek Mill Awaits A Verdict On His Freedom, His New Video Prophesies A Release While Calling Out The Justice System

Meek's supporters want him freed, and hope his case will bring criminal justice reform.

Photo credit:Photo: Meek Mill/YouTube

| April 10 2018,

8:35 pm

Meek Mill's newest music video, depicts protesters and fans are fighting for the rapper's release from prison. The video is for the song "1942 Flows," which was on Meek's 2017 Wins & Losses album, according to  Billboard.

Meek remains behind bars for a parole violation despite the continuing efforts of his legal team to secure his release. It's unclear of exactly when the video was shot, but scenes include footage of recent protests. 

In the opening shot, Meek walks out of prison, and a slew of reporters ask him what it's like to be free. 

Meek responds, "I feel like a free slave, you know? I feel like I've been targeted by certain people. Just being out on the streets and knowing somebody can take your freedom at any time; you got cops, you see they charged me up on felonies. They seen me riding a bike, that kind of says it all." 

It was Meek riding a motorcycle for a separate video that led to his probation trial. Last week, Judge Genece Brinkley, denied Meek's request for bail. In an interview from prison, Meek opened up about his long relationship with Judge Brinkley and her allegations that she has been involved in potentially criminal misdeeds. 

There is still hope for Meek.  Philadelphia's district attorney supports his request for bail on the grounds that the state's key witness against the rapper was found to be on a DA's list of untrustworthy officials.

Meek's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, told Billboard, "We are encouraged by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s steadfast stance in not opposing Meek Mill’s release on bail at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court level while the current legal proceedings continue, even in light of Judge Brinkley’s vindictive and erroneous decision."

You can watch the full video for "1942 Flows" below: