Blavity is honoring these top 10 influential creatives as part of our Creators 100 list. The chosen people create an impact in the Black community, convey the complexity of Black fashion, style and wellness and display their ingenuity on social media.

Wisdom Kaye

Wisdom Kaye, 21, is known on TikTok for his impact on fashion. Kaye creates style compilations and out-of-sight fits for his followers to gag over.

Kaye joined the creative app in January 2020 and went viral for his “Vogue Challenge” and creating high-fashion outfits based on Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. No matter the theme of his follower’s request, Kaye has an outfit for it to impress us all. Kaye currently has 8.2 million followers on TikTok.

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Shelby Ivey Christie,

Shelby Ivey Christie, 30, is an American fashion and costume historian. She specializes in the contributions of Black designers.

Making the Forbes under 30 list, Christie uses her knowledge and expertise in culture, fashion and costume styles to glorify Black fashion and exalt its history.

The North Carolina A&T alum is best known for writing Twitter threads about specific fashion moments and iconic people in fashion history. Christie has used her platform to uplift smaller Black fashion brands and vouches for Black fashion history to be implemented within the regular American history curriculum in schools.

Kellon Deryck

Kellon Deryck, 34, is a celebrity hairstylist known for touching the crowns of Missy Elliott, Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls, Ariana Grande and many more of Hollywood’s best.

Deryck is widely known for his impact on caring for his clients’ hair wearing protective styles. Whether you’re wearing wigs or weaves, he has a haircare technique for all hair textures. Deryck is a Creme of Nature brand ambassador and was previously a Loreal Paris expert teaching master classes for coloring wigs. Deryck now has his lace glue and remover brand, Flawless Illusion Hair. Deryck’s talent has been a genuine impact on Black natural hair. 


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Rickey Thompson

Rickey Thompson, 26, gained social media momentum on Vine for his comedic videos.

Thompson created endless videos with his friend Denzel Dion which garnered millions of views. Once Vine was disabled in 2017, Thompson moved to YouTube and Instagram, where he continued to grow as an influencer and actor. With 5.3 million followers, Thompson’s platform opened doors for him to walk runways and be on the magazine covers of Out, Paper and Nylon.

Thompson is a co-host of the podcast, We Said What We Said with Dion and is a Coach brand ambassador. Thompson is a creative who has been himself from the start and is now using that same confidence to guide him in the fashion world. 


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Wole Olosunde

Wole Olosunde, 22, has used his platform to fuse his love for health and fashion.

The Brooklyn native was introduced to nursing at Clara barton high school, where he fell in love with the medical field and continued his studies to become a Nurse in college. At the age of 20, he became the youngest man to ever graduate from the University at Buffalo School of Nursing with a bachelor’s degree. His clothing line, Against Medical Advice, was inspired by his fascination with the human body.

Dasia Janae

Dasia Janae, 27, is a content creator recognized for creating makeup and hair tutorial videos through her TikTok and Instagram. Janae has over 350k followers on Instagram, who she inspires with unique makeup looks.

Gracie J

Gracie J is the executor of nail designs. Doing nails since she was 13 years old, she has contributed to the nail world with her creative nail skills for sculpting beautifully designed nails. Gracie J is one of the top nail techs in her industry.

Gracie J’s designs push nail techs to create art in the hands of their clients. The nail tech has her press on nail brand called TENX with elaborate designs for the ladies who want affordable beauty products.

Ray Al-nahdy

Ray Al-nahdy is a lifestyle creative who shares her spirituality, health, and loc style tips. She influences her 300k followers to get in touch with their spiritual sides through affirmations, manifestation and more.

Al-nahdy has opened her life for others to learn healthy hairstyles, relationship advice and self-love tips.


Francheska Medina

Francheska Medina is a 33-year-old Harlem native who has used her social media platform and education to inspire her followers to use all-natural remedies for the mind, body, hair and soul.

Using the blog name “Hey Fran Hey,” Medina is uplifting Black women’s wellness. Medina is also a co-host on the podcast Insecuritea with HBOmax and Issa Rae’s show Insecure.


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Francheska Medina

The Dental Hygienist and influencer Jasminerdh taught her 200k followers the importance of dental care. Combing her profession with creativity, she has endless educational videos and dental care guides to help the wellness of the Black community.

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