Have you ever been told that you resemble a famous person? Well, Priscila Beatrice sure has–so much so that she turned her resemblance to Rihanna into a social media career!

Beatrice, who has racked over 350K followers on Instagram and 2.2M on TikTok, proudly markets herself as an "impersonator and lookalike [sic]." Check out some of her uploads and decide for yourself whether or not she looks like the Bejan singer!

Online, Beatrice also suggests receiving some sponsorship opportunities through her likeness to Rihanna. Specifically, she recently made an upload devoted to highlighting Black Friday sales at Casas Bahia, a Brazilian retail chain. Beatrice even edited the video to look like a professional commercial essentially. However, it's unclear whether or not the upload was, in fact, a paid sponsorship.

While this Rihanna doppelgänger has had a significant online presence for a while, many fans recently took notice of Beatrice thanks to a viral video recorded in Brussels, Belgium. 

While visiting the area, Beatrice was spotted singing Rihanna's "Stay" for a group of amazed onlookers. 

The video began making its rounds on Twitter, with one Brazilian blog writing, "Rihanna's Brazilian lookalike, Priscila Beatriz, causes turmoil and crowding in Belgium when she is mistaken for the singer (translated from Portuguese via Google)."

In addition to the video footage of her singing, some images shared on social media show Beatrice taking photos with Belgian Rihanna fans.

"Saturday [Dec. 4] I went to meet the city of Brussels in Belgium, and this gentle boy called me to sing with him (he thought I was a singer people lol) and all this happened," Priscila captioned the upload. 

"People really thought I was Rihanna hahaha… it was incredible!!!!," she stated. "I am so happy and so grateful to the people who believe and support my work, and the advice that pulls my ear sometimes hehe thank you (translated from Portuguese via Google)."