In a brief role as a tribal elder, Dorothy Steel captured the attention of audiences across the nation in Marvel's Black Panther. What makes her role in the blockbuster even more amazing is the story behind her journey to the big screen: The Atlanta native was 88-years-old when she began her journey in Hollywood.

According to WSB-TV 2Black Panther was Steel's first big feature film.

“If anyone would have told me I would be an actor, I would’ve said you got to be out of your mind,” Steel said.

Steel sent in her audition tape last year after Marvel called her. An hour later, she had the part of the merchant tribal elder who advises the King T'Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman.

"They said, 'Who is that old lady? We want her,'" Steel recalls. 

Black Panther has made over $700 million, and of the star-studded cast, Steel makes it clear that she was "grandmother" on set. 

"Chadwick the King. Every day, he would make sure if I was on the set, he would come by and make sure he gave me a big old hug and kiss,” Steel said. 

Steel celebrated her 92nd birthday last week. After more than nine decades as a black woman in the South, Steel has lived through some trying times. That's why she believes that Black Panther is more than a movie; it's a movement. The representation of black people and black women superheroes is what makes it what it is. 

“We were one big melting pot of black people and we knew we were doing something that had never been done before. Ya know?" she said. "We have power, and it’s time for us to step up and take over. That’s what we have to do and take over." 

Ms. Steel reminds us that #blackgirlmagic has no expiration date!