Megan Thee Stallion, preparing for her third album themed around serpents, has unveiled singles such as “Cobra” and “Hiss.” The video for her latest release, “Boa,” integrates a seductive video game motif, continuing her artistic exploration.

According to Complex, Megan teamed with longtime producer LilJuMadeDaBeat for the song, which samples Gwen Stefani’s 2004 single “What You Waiting For?” from her solo debut album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. The H-Town Hottie continued delivering powerful lyrics reminiscent of her previous singles. With each verse, she asserts her resilience and determination, sending a clear message to those who have crossed her while reaffirming her commitment to self-preservation.

“B***hes is bitter, they thought it was sweet/ All of a sudden they vegan, they don’t want beef/ Talkin’ outta veeners, I’m knockin’ out teeth, she raps on the nearly three-minute track. 

Over the past week, Megan has shared several Instagram posts to promote “Boa, offering fans sneak peeks into the thematic essence of her new single. These posts have teased the primary theme, building anticipation among her followers for the release.

On Thursday, the 29-year-old shared a post with an intense confrontation between an alligator and a snake, accompanied by a screen text that read “Are you ready to play? as “Boa was set to be released on Friday. 

The new music comes just months after the Grammy-winning rapper announced on Feb. 2 that she signed a major deal with Warner Music Group. She receives distribution and marketing services and maintains the rights to her master recordings and publishing, Blavity reported.

In April, Megan adorned the cover of Women’s Health, candidly discussing the “dark times she encountered while navigating the public scrutiny stemming from her high-profile legal battle with Tory Lanez.

“As a Black woman, as a darker Black woman, I also feel like people expect me to take the punches, take the beating, take the lashings, and handle it with grace. But I’m human, she said.

Megan also reflected on how her singles “Hiss and “Cobra were outlets for releasing the anxiety she experienced while navigating her journey as an artist, per Blavity.

“I’m getting into a better space with making music that is still true to myself but also true to my message, Megan said. “I am very much a flower, but my flower has thorns.”