Melissa Harris-Perry is back on the news, at BET as a special correspondent. Harris will join the network to "contribute to various BET News programs and develop longform news specials for the network." Her first assignment on the squad will be co-anchoring the Democratic and Republican National conventions with Marc Lamont Hill, so you know that the coverage is going to be fire. Harris-Perry left MSNBC earlier this year when she and her employer could not see eye to eye. In a letter to her staff wrote, "our show was taken — without comment or discussion or notice".  Since that time she's moved on, becoming the Editor-at-Large at Elle magazine, and now, she's adding special correspondent for BET to her resume. It looks BET is back at it again with news specials that will inform and educate the people. Marc Lamont Hill has been holding up the mantle for years (and will host his own VH1 late night show starting July 17th). Before him there were folks like Jeff Johnson, who had a weekly news show on the network

Here are some BET news specials from the past few years.

"Our Son is Your Son" – Trayvon Martin BET News Special Justice for Ferguson: The Shooting of Michael Brown This announcement comes after news that the BET Awards is the top cable awards show of the season for another year. With Harris-Perry joining BET, we can look forward to more of the same coverage hopefully for years to come. She's been a champion for us on television, no matter the obstacles and she deserves to be celebrated. Congratulations Mrs. Harris-Perry

Harris-Perry's first hour long special will air at 11 AM on Sunday, July 24th.

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