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Riri's journey begins in 'Invincible Iron Man #1'

Invincible Iron Man #1,Riri Williams' origin story, is out. Brian Michael Bendis is the creator and writer of this character. And although there should (and could) be a black woman writing this story, he's no slouch either.Panels pop off the page like Invincible Iron Man is already on the screen.This issue takes us through the evolution of Riri up until she's built her...

Serena Williams helps launch the eSports #OverwatchLeague

Overwatch League is coming. eSports have been blowing up for a while, and now Serena Williams is in on the action, too. Blizzard's Overwatch is the title of choice for many gamers. And it's great for recreational and competitive play. So, naturally Blizzard had to jump into the eSports game. Introducing the #OverwatchLeague—a world-class sports ecosystem that puts YOU at the center:...

Roxane Gay says characters in Marvel's 'World of Wakanda' were inspired by Olivia Pope & 'Scandal'

Roxane Gay is writing the highly anticipated Black Panther spin-off, World of Wakanda. She's making Marvel comic book history as the first black woman to write a run for the company. Her story will heavily feature the all-woman Dora Milaje, the elite fighting force that protects the king. Fam, it's really lit right now. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Roxane spoke about...