More than a year after Memphis police shot Davonte Weatherford at a shopping center, footage of the incident has been made public.

Thankfully Weatherford, 22, survived the shooting. Police refused press requests for body camera footage of the incident, so Weatherford decided to release the film himself. He first posted the video to his Facebook page and later shared it with The Commercial Appeal. He told the paper he hopes the release of the footage will help him recruit legal assistance in his quest for a settlement.

In the video, only a few moments of the shooting can be seen, with the rest of the clip depicting the events that follow. While on the ground, Weatherford asked for help as blood spilled from his back.

The young man and the police on the scene have slightly different accounts of what happened, with the vital difference taking place in a section of the encounter not caught on film.

The officers claimed Weatherford pointed a gun at them, which is why they shot; Weatherford admitted he had an unlicensed gun on him but claimed he did his best to keep it concealed because he knew the officers would arrest him for possessing it. 

Law enforcement officials are heard yelling, "You run again, I'm going to kill you!" less than one minute into the video. Immediately following this threat, two shots are fired. The footage then showed an officer exiting his vehicle with his weapon drawn. He approached Weatherford, who is bleeding on the ground, and yelled, "Get on the ground, do not move!" over and over.

Once the officer handcuffed the young man, he called for an ambulance. While lying on the ground, Weatherford shouted, "I'm going to die, y'all," and pleaded for help. 

According to WREG, Weatherford was booked on aggravated assault charges, resisting arrest and theft of property worth $1,000 or less. At a later time, he was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. No officers were injured during his arrest.

The 22-year-old, who had no criminal record before his arrest, claimed the police are "mixed up," and he was "in the wrong place at the wrong time." He maintained the person the Memphis Police Department (MPD) is looking for ran away in the confusion.

The MPD said its investigation is still ongoing. Because the shooting was not fatal, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation opted not to open an investigation.

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