Snagging a picture with your idol is always a superfan’s goal, but it’s even better when you do it and leave the internet in shambles.

Drag queen influencer and YouTube content creator Mera Mangle took a picture with Janet Jackson backstage after her Together Again tour performance at the Hollywood Casino in St. Louis, Missouri. While getting the picture with Jackson was an honor, Mangle took her fandom to another level by wearing a T-shirt with the quote “Oh, So You Doing the Bending” on the front.

The phrase is one of Jackson’s lines from her role in 2010’s For Colored Girls. In the film, Jackson plays Joanna “Jo” Bradmor, a successful magazine editor married to stockbroker Carl Broadmor, portrayed by Omari Hardwick. The Bradmors seem to have it all from the outside until Joanna’s trip to the gynecologist leads her to discover that her husband has been living a double life. 

In the intense scene, Joanna confronts her husband about his cheating and finds out he has been having sexual relationships with men. After pointing out moments where she questioned her husband’s preference, Joanna flat-out asks him, “Are you gay?” He replies with disbelief, “How you gonna ask me a question like that?” Still unsatisfied with his answer, Joanna asks, “How did you marry a woman and then turn around and let a man bend you over?”

After Carl unthinkably replies, “Ain’t nobody bending me over,” Joanna returns with the infamous question, “So you doing the bending? Is that what it is?” 

Although the scene is dark and dramatic, Mangle wearing the shirt to the concert is pure comedy, and its humor is emphasized with a tiny portrait of Jackson’s character placed inside the graphic.

Another Janet fan, X (formerly Twitter) user @Pr3ttyboynekko, posted the picture of Mangle with the singer. His caption, “BYE,” was just as funny as some of the reactions.

One follower said they were desperate to hear the conversation the shirt may have started.


Another X user said, “Look at my love’s smile!! @JanetJackson looks like she was Ctfu before this pic!! I love it!!” 

A couple of followers posted the GIF of the scene for context.


And several users acknowledged how hilarious the moment was.



After seeing the picture, everyone wanted to know what Jackson had to say about the shirt.

Mangle posted the image along with others from the front row at the concert and told one of his followers that, unfortunately, “she didn’t say anything about the shirt.”

Although the shirt may not have made Jackson’s day, it was a social media hit.