Metro Boomin rarely has time for haters, but he gave one troll more than he bargained for when he responded to a tweet questioning his community work.

Complex reports the "10 Freaky Girls" producer usually keeps a mellow and reserved demeanor online but took time out of his day to set one attention-seeking critic straight.

On Monday, Twitter page @HotFreestyle reposted a clip shared by the 25-year-old that showed off his "Boominati" chain designed by Elliot Avianne. The piece, notably in the shape of the popular Illuminati pyramid, was also reposted by Avianne who goes by Eliantte online.

The diamond-encrusted necklace oozes opulence, appears to weigh a ton and likely cost more than most Americans will make over the span of their lifetimes.

On Twitter, one fan responded to the repost writing, "Nobody cares about this anymore lmao Go do something for the kids/community [sic]."

The tweet, posted on Tuesday, quickly went viral and sparked over 33,000 retweets as of Wednesday.

Metro noticed the tweet the next day and didn't take the criticism well. But instead of ridiculing him for his comment, he offered him some advice.

"U could have easily used yo twitter fingers to see that I do plenty for the kids and the people but u n****as be so thirsty for clout so imma give u sum [sic]," he wrote. "I don’t seek validation and feel the need to post every time I give back or donate because I don’t do it for that."

The St. Louis native, born Leland Wayne, didn't expand on the topic online but certainly didn't mislead the public. The artist who made the Forbes 2016 30 Under 30 in Music list has taken much of his monetary gains back to his Missouri hometown.

Three years ago, the Morehouse College graduate made a promise to annually commit to paying the tuition of a St. Louis high school senior accepted into his alma mater, as HotNewHipHop reported. Additionally, this past December, STL American reported he continued his Christmas giveaway for the second time by offering 100 single mothers $200 gift certificates to provide their children with holiday gifts.

Metro might flaunt his jewelry, but he's not boasting about his good deeds. Kudos to him.

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