Michael B. Jordan has long captured our attention. However, with the release of Black Panther, the thirst for the 31-year-old has seemed to skyrocket. Although the thirst is all fun and games, it has still managed to make a few young men salty AF. 

After Jordan's 73 Questions with Vogue resurfaced, we find out that he lives with his parents and enjoys anime — two traits many men attribute to why women aren't interested in them (we're sure that's it).  The fact that despite these attributes women still want to be the next Mrs. Jordan caused some men to take to Twitter with their disdain. 

Which gained clapbacks from other Twitter users, stanning for MBJ. 

However, one lucky user got a clapback from Mr. Jordan himself. The actor found time in his busy schedule to lay out the facts for you. 

"First of All I’m 6ft and they live with ME, put some respeck on my name," he wrote.

That's right, let 'em know! 

His response just led even more women to expose their thirst for the actor. 

Anime or not, you're still Michael Bae Jordan to us.

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