Michael B. Jordan is known for his showcasing his physique in films like Black Panther and the Creed franchise. So, it’s no surprise that he has teamed up with Propel Fitness Water to launch the “Propel Your City Movement,” with the mission of bringing people together through moving and fitness. The multi-city project will team up with fitness organizations and their leaders in different cities to support fitness and break barriers to exercise and wellness in communities. The collaboration between Jordan and Propel kicks off this summer in four cities: Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, and Atlanta. Organized hikes, yoga, meditation, running clubs, dance exercises, and other activities will be a part of the program.

Recently, the multihyphenate sat down with Blavity to talk about the collaboration and more. He also shared his personal workout routine as well as his guilty pleasure: takeout food.

Much of Jordan’s roles have been physically encompassing. But it took some time for him to get serious about his health, fitness, and wellness outside of preparation for roles and filming. Jordan says his journey began in his early 20s.

“I was about 22, 23 was when I first started to really take it seriously. I think it was right around the time I did Friday Night Lights and the physicality of playing a high school star football player set on,” he told us. “And then I think right around there, I was doing Fantastic Four and Creed the next couple of years, so those things are floating around. I realized that I was in good enough shape but not my best and I didn’t want to look frumpy on camera. So, I think that’s when I started with physically really trying to transform my body. I think up to that point, I was doing a pretty good job and just being somewhat healthy[and] not like being super crazy about it.”

Luckily, his roles have forced him to stay in shape.

Working with Propel has been an added bonus to stay in shape in what he calls his off-season — a term he uses to describe the period when he’s not working. The Propel partnership is a good way for him to also diversify his workouts.

“For me, boxing has been my life for the past eight or nine years. So I consistently boxed and I kind of been into general exercise in that type of way. But hiking is something I’ve always been super excited about because I get a chance to get outdoors and see different things and just be in nature. I feel a certain sense of calm meditation as well,” he explained. “It’s tough for me to be in a lot of groups to work out, so I get to create my bubble when I go. So, it’s kind of tough for me to go to certain classes and stuff like that. But I try to create an environment with other people that are in my circle or whoever cares about it as well. We all kind of go after it to get us that kind of buddy system. I thought it was really smart because sometimes when you’re alone by yourself, getting in shape can be daunting. There are some days when you just don’t want to do it, and you don’t feel motivated. But when you have somebody else there, like a running mate or a sparring partner or somebody that is going to push you, a trainer or whatever it may be, it makes it a bit easier for you to achieve your goals, which is one of the reasons why, I think what Propel offering $500 for you and a partner to work out together is key. I thought that was really smart because it takes away the excuse of somebody saying they don’t feel like doing it today. It’s normal. You have somebody to hold you accountable.”

Just as important as it is for him to stay physically fit, the mental fitness portion is equally, or probably more, imperative.

For Jordan, constantly working and being a public figure has its pros and cons. But he finds that shutting the world out is what works best for him.

“Putting my phone down and just being to myself is what I need the most to maintain my mental health. I think just sitting in silence is a skill nowadays. But I think with all the distractions, the things that are going on, I think it’s cool to put the phone down and just like just sit in silence, and let your thoughts come to you,” he says. “I think between that and breathing – breathing is extremely underrated but it but it makes a big difference on your energy and your mood. You feel frustrated….I think just doing 30 seconds is a big deal. You do 3 minutes, fantastic.”

The Propel Your City Project is also working with the following organizations through the following initiatives, as the brand notes:

  • Securing a centralized studio space for WalkGood LA’s wellness community to gather in Los Angeles, fulfilling the need for a permanent location for its members, while enabling the organization to expand its offerings. WalkGood LA is a Black and Brown-led organization that provides spaces for healing and drives connection locally with yoga classes, guided meditations and breathwork, hikes, run clubs, and other activities.
  • Expanding The Trap Studio’s ongoing Yin Nights events in Detroit by doubling its equipment available for loan and making programming more widely available. The Trap Studio’s signature classes incorporate music and dance with yoga to introduce the practice to people of color and those who have felt excluded from it.
  • Launching the first-ever monthly ‘Movement & Mindfulness Experience’ with Houston’s BLK Beetles, an organization founded on creating wellness experiences that connected and created spaces for equity and restoration for the BIPOC community.
  • Partnering with Atlanta Run Club to host and support its weekly track events in Atlanta. The club was started to activate and empower diverse runners through movement, coordinating free running groups and meet-ups for all fitness levels.

Watch the full interview below: