In my humble opinion, this is absolutely unnecessary… and even if it were, it's too soon; a little too much too soon.

There was already the concert movie (This Is It) which Sony Pictures released in 2009, just 4 months after his death; and there's the documentary his family was involved in, titled Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon, which was released on home video earlier this month; and then there's also  Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour; and now this…

Michael Jackson's estate has reportedly approached director Ivan Reitman and the Montecito Picture Company about the possibility of producing and financing a Michael Jackson biopic.

According to Variety, the project won't be a birth-to-death biopic, but instead cover just a few periods of his life.

Both sides are currently in talks, with no deal yet in place. But obviously, there's interest on the production side.

So… let's have some fun, shall we? No potential casting announcements made yet, but, if it were up to you, what actor would you go with for the lead role in this?