We could really use the Obamas right now. 

Former First Lady Michelle Obama left a heartwarming message for a young girl who was seen crying about her physical appearance while getting her hair done in a video that has since gone viral

The young girl, Ariyonna, pulled at the internet’s heartstrings last weekend when an Instagram Live video showed her calling herself ugly after seeing herself in her hairdresser's camera.

In a Tuesday Instagram post, Obama came to the princess’s defense and dropped some knowledge for the young lady.

“Ariyonna, you are gorgeous. In a world that sometimes tries to say otherwise, I want to tell you—and every other beautiful, intelligent, brave black girl—just how precious you are," she wrote alongside a repost of the widely shared video. 

Upon hearing Ariyonna’s sentiments about her appearance, her hairdresser, Shabria, showered the young girl with praise and affirmations.

“Don’t say that! You are so pretty,” Shabria assured the 4-year-old. “When you look at yourself you suppose to say, ‘I am so pretty’— you got the prettiest little dimples, you are so cute.”

Where is the lie? Shabria then pointed out how beautiful her bright smile sat on top of her chocolate complexion. 

“Look at those pretty white teeth!” she added. “No, you not gonna cry, you are a beautiful little girl and you are pretty and you are the prettiest girl in your class!”

Black women from across the globe have emerged to uplift Ariyonna and bring awareness to the challenges women of color deal with in regards to beauty and acceptance. 

Actress and Red Table Talk host Jada Pinkett Smith wrote on Instagram how important it is to support and stand up for one another.

"THIS made me cry! Kudos to this beautiful woman for loving on this beautiful child! We gotta love on each other! This made my heart sing," she noted. 

Emmy award-winning actress Viola Davis offered Ariyonna a message of empowerment as a “sista who looks a lot like” her. 

“We are fighting hundreds of years of brutal conditioning of being considered less than. It is sprinkled in our language, behavior, laws, music…etc.. and trickles down to our youth,” Davis wrote. “I’m speaking life into Ariyonna. From a sista who looks a lot like you….you were born worthy therefore you were born beautiful!”

Matthew Cherry, the director and co-producer of the Oscar-winning animated short film Hair Love, called for artists to create pieces inspired by Ariyonna, and they responded using the #ArtworkForAriyonna hashtag. 

On Saturday, Shabria posted another video in which Ariyonna is seen smiling and saying, "I'm Black and beautiful." Ariyonna now has her own Instagram page to celebrate her Black girl magic.