A thoughtful hairdresser spoke life into her client after the little girl insisted she was ugly.

In a now-viral video, a beautiful chocolate-hued girl, reportedly named Ariyonna, made a heartbreaking statement.

“I’m so ugly!” the 4-year-old said.

The woman doing her hair, known as Lil Wave Daddy on Instagram, was horrified by what she heard and started to heap praise onto Ariyonna. According to her followers, the woman’s name is Shabria.

“Don’t say that! You are so pretty,” Shabria said. “When you look at yourself you suppose to say, ‘I am so pretty’— you got the prettiest little dimples, you are so cute.”

As Shabria complimented her, Ariyonna began to cry, but the stylist kept going.

“You have this beautiful chocolate skin, like you are just such so gorgeous, you got these dimples,” she continued. “Remember what I told you? How many people got two dimples? Nobody! Let me see you smile. Let me see you smile. You got two dimples!”

Shabria has a point. Ariyonna is a cutie patootie, and she clearly invented having two perfect dimples.

“Look at those pretty white teeth!” Shabria added. “No, you not gonna cry, you are a beautiful little girl and you are pretty and you are the prettiest girl in your class!”

The kindhearted woman posted the exchange on her Instagram page with an important reminder.

“While doing her hair she had alllll the energy in the world then out of nowhere she stares at herself and gets soooo discouraged,” she captioned the post. “It broke my heart into pieces because she has the GREATEST energy and the most beautiful smile and heart! She comes from a great home & loving mother.”

Shabria guessed Ariyonna received damaging messages when she went to school.  

“I just think when kids go to school they learn and pick up sooo much different things that they don’t know the definition but they know the feeling!” the caption continued. “Keep her in your prayers and keep lifting up our future!!!”

On her Twitter page, Shabria said Ariyonna is an associate’s stepdaughter. Since Ariyonna’s family has been supportive of her in the past, she wanted to return the favor. She also revealed her own nieces and nephews gave her a soft spot for children.

The video went viral, and uplifting messages poured in. People were also heartbroken after watching Ariyonna call herself ugly.

The moment sparked a hashtag, #ArtworkforAriyonna, full of uplifting drawings of the preschooler.

Thankfully, Ariyonna didn’t stay sad, and Shabria taught her an affirmation. In a new video, Ariyonna told the world she is Black and beautiful.

“I gave her a quote to [recite] and now she won’t stop saying ‘I’m Black & Beautiful,’” Shabria said in the caption. “Devil you won’t steal this baby joy! Thank you to everyone who sent kind words to Ariyonna.”

The hairdresser said Ariyonna is “more confident and vibrant like any other day but just more of it!”

Blavity fam, make sure you’re uplifting the little brown babies in your life.