Michelle Obama shared a photo of her abs on Instagram in honor of #SelfCareSunday. 

In the photo, the former first lady is seen doing a lunge while holding a medicine ball over her head. 

“It doesn’t always feel good in the moment. But after the fact, I’m always glad I hit the gym.” she wrote in her caption. 

Mrs. Obama, 55, has always been an advocate for wellness, launching the Let’s Move campaign while serving in the White House. The initiative was dedicated to promoting health in children as a start to end childhood obesity. 

She also made an appearance at Essence Fest this year to discuss the importance of Women’s Health, People reported. 

“We [as women] have to own our health. It’s one of these things that no one can take from you,” she said.

Obama has also been preaching wellness on her book tour, for Becoming. While being interviewed by Gayle King, the author said women shouldn’t feel guilty for putting themselves first when it comes to their health. 

“When it comes to our health as women, we are so busy giving and doing for others that we almost feel guilty to take that time out for ourselves,” she said. 

She cited her own journey with motherhood in the discussion. 

“A lot of mothers will understand this, because I found myself looking around after I had my kids, and I didn’t have time for me, but my husband was at the gym every day. And I was like, well, how are you going to the gym? He was like, ‘I make time for the gym.’ I was like, what?” she said. 

Let her toned arms serve as your #MondayMotivation.