Former First Lady Michelle Obama spoke with NBC's Today Show in a clip released Monday about the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. 

"It's surreal. I don't think people know what to make of it. But do I think we can come back from it? Oh yeah," Obama said. "We've seen tough times in this country. You know we've gone through depressions and wars and bombings and terrorist attacks, and we've gone through Jim Crow, and we've always come out stronger."

Obama's comments come as the House Judiciary Committee prepares for a new hearing where lawyers for multiple committees will face questions from a panel of lawmakers. Lawyers from the committees are expected to make opening arguments and present evidence from the impeachment inquiry.

The hearing has been touted, according to CNN, as the beginning of a two-week stretch where House Democrats will introduce and approve articles of impeachment, making Donald Trump just the third president in U.S. history to be impeached. 

Obama also gave hope to the idea the process did not have to be entirely partisan, hoping the American people could look beyond the party better than the members of Congress. 

"It's not an us or them, it's not an R or a D, we are all here as part of this country," Obama said. "We all want the same things, it's just sometimes that gets lost in the noise."

The trip, according to Business Insider, took place in Vietnam where she was promoting girls' education. The trip was also her first public international trip since she and her husband left the White House nearly three years ago.