Michelle Obama is knee-deep into her book tour. Promoting her highly anticipated memoir Becoming, our "forever FLOTUS" recently spoke with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America about not just her book, but who she thinks ought to run for president in 2020.

According to The Hill, Obama answered a question about the next presidential race with a joking jab at President Donald Trump. “At this point, everybody is qualified, and everyone should run,” the former first lady said.

Who's her No. 1 pick? Sasha Obama.

“Sasha, you’ve got some free time. I think you’d do a great job,” Mrs. Obama told her daughter with a laugh.

Sure, Sasha would be much too young to run for president in 2020, but who knows what will happen between then and now, right?

Mrs. Obama also talked about her disappointment in the large group of women who decided to choose Trump over Hillary Clinton even after his offensive "grab them by the p***y" comments were made public, according to Time, with 53 percent of white women voting for Trump, Vox reports.  

"I implored people to focus and to think about what it takes to be commander-in-chief," Obama said of the time after those vulgar comments surfaced. "It's amazing to me that we still have to tell people about the importance of voting."

Although she got serious about voting, the Democratic kingmaker chose not to endorse a candidate in the Democratic primary for 2020. Instead, she had a word of advice for those contemplating a run. 

“Anybody who feels the passion to get in this race, we need them in there. And I think that process will play itself out,” she said.

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