We reported about a year ago that the water in Flint, Michigan had been deemed "toxic waste" and led to an increase of people with Legionnaires disease.

Since then, an investigation has surfaced leading to five Flint officials being charged with involuntary manslaughter and per Mother Jones, there is now a sixth. The Attorney General's Office claims the key officials knew about the Legionnaires incident increase, but failed to inform the public until January 2016.

Michigan’s chief medical executive Dr. Eden Wells is set to be charged with manslaughter as well as obstruction of justice via Michigan Attorney General’s Office special prosecutor Todd Flood, according to US News. Wells had been in court for other charges, but after Flood’s announcement, the hearing was postponed until Nov 6.

Flood noted that he’ll be expanding the case "based on new review of other documents and testimony that came out last week.”

“I really can’t get into the details of it,” Flood said to reporters, “but I think we’d be derelict if we didn’t charge her.”

"We were told only this morning that Mr. Flood proposes to file two additional charges," said Wells' attorney, Jerold Lax. "And under the circumstances, we reluctantly agreed to an adjournment so as to be able to prepare."

So far, there have been almost 100 Legionnaires’ cases that include 12 deaths reported in Genesee County.