While promoting his new book, Unsuccessful Thug, on "Good Morning America" on Wednesday, Mike Epps posed for the "awkward" high school graduation picture he never had the opportunity to take. 

Two years ago, the actor and comedian notably shared an encouraging post on social media that he had received his high school diploma.

"My mom said today one of her dreams came true," he wrote in one post. "Finally got my high school diploma. From a class clown to becoming world renowned."

On Wednesday, GMA anchors told Epps that since he never had the chance to take a high school yearbook photo that everyone is "embarrassed" of, it was only right that he do it while on the set.

Epps stepped up to the show's "recreating awkward senior portrait" challenge and took his yearbook photo – tilted hat and all. 

That's a photo with swag, Mike!