So often, women have no problem sharing their favorite beauty products with each other. There is an infinite number of spaces women can find that promote their care needs. However, what those spaces often don't include is care products for your beard. 

That's why Mike McMillan said he started the group Beard Game Matters to have a collective space to collaborate with other men with beards and to promote his beard care products. The group has grown to over 82,000 members and counting in a little over a week. 

While the group is aimed at men helping each other get their beard game on point, it can be joined for other reasons too. If you like a nice bearded zaddy, you'll definitely be in heaven. We also don't suggest you look while you're at work.

One woman wrote:
Photo: Facebook/Beardgamematters

Another woman jokingly wrote:

Photo: Facebook/Beardgamematters
Ladies, we feel you. The group is closed so I suggest you go ask for permission right away so you can join the conversation, get your life, and maybe find a new boo. 

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