The late, legendary Jazz musician Miles Davis, well known for his opulent creative flair and influence in music and Black culture, will be commemorated on a brand new level.

According to Pitchfork,  Twist BioScience selected two songs for this historic experiment: "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple and "Tutu' by Miles Davis. Hailing it as the future of digital storage, this revolutionary process will create history, allowing the timeless sounds of the jazz legend to be available to permeate ears and speakers for many decades to come.

Karin Strauss, Ph.D., a senior researcher at Microsoft, shared in a statement, “the amount of DNA used to store these songs is much smaller than one grain of sand.” She went on to say, “amazingly, storing the entire six petabyte Montreux Jazz Festival’s collection would result in DNA smaller than one grain of rice.”

The team at Twist Bioscience strongly believes that DNA is the future of digital storage, claiming that most of our current data being stored via technology won't last longer than a few decades. With this synthetic DNA process, content and information are projected to last hundreds or thousands of years.

Can't wait to see what they try to preserve next. Until then, enjoy this live performance of true legend and history maker, Miles Davis.