Yesterday, MTV tweeted that Miley Cyrus gave Cardi B's iconic Bodak Yellow a pop remix. Immediately, everyone's face scrunched in confusion, disgust, or both. 

Was this not the same girl that said she's backing away from hip-hop (not that anyone ever asked her to be apart of hip-hop in the first place) due to graphic lyrics? So then why, are you remixing a hip-hop song? It seems like you're trying to regain your relevance on the back of hip-hop culture once again, and we simply aren't having that. 

People on Twitter went in, immediately suggesting she take her appropriation tendencies somewhere else. 

After further investigation, we found out that the "remix" comes from her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on October 2. In this segment of the show, the two faced off in a “musical genre challenge,” in which each of them was tasked with reinterpreting a well-known song in a completely different style. A random generator picks the song and then the genre. Cyrus was called to sing Bodak Yellow as a pop song. 

Long story short, we still don't want it!

These are trying times, but what Miss Cyrus won't be doing again is trying our music. 

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