In Minneapolis, a middle school student newspaper at Justice Page Middle School advised students how to conduct themselves when participating in Black Lives Matter protests. The paper curated a list of several tips students should follow if they choose to participate in the protest.

The Rhino Report featured a "Protest Tips and Etiquette" guide instructing students to "wear nondescript clothing," refrain from taking pictures of protestors' faces, and most shockingly, if they're White, avoid talking into a megaphone.

"When it comes to Black Lives Matter protests, if you're not Black, remember that you're there to show your support and amplify Black voices,' the first tip advised. 'ESPECIALLY if you're White, if they're offering the megaphone for anyone to speak, it's not for you. You are here to listen and to show support."

"You're free to document things with your phone," the second tip followed, "but please don't post anything with people's faces/identifying information in them, especially if it's someone doing art/graffiti.

"Wear nondescript clothing," another guideline added to the list read. "Even if you aren't breaking the law, law enforcement may still try to come after you; in these situations, it's better to be paranoid than careless."