More than a quarter of Democratic voters think former President Barack Obama has endorsed Michael Bloomberg over Joe Biden.

In a recent Morning Consult survey released on Thursday, research shows that 26% of Democratic voters are under the impression that Obama has endorsed Bloomberg. There is just one problem — he hasn't.

How embarrassing — but not as awkward for Biden, who only has 25% of voters thinking he received an Obama endorsement.

Despite Obama not publically endorsing his vice president, yet, there seems to be some glimmer of hope for Biden. The former president recently went out of his way to condemn Republican anti-Biden TV ads running in South Carolina. The ads were misusing quotes from Obama's 1995 memoir.

The fake news of Bloomberg receiving an Obama endorsement, explained by Morning Consult, came from various ads, estimated to be worth almost half a billion dollars, suggesting the two politicians have a great working relationship.

The former NYC mayor, who is worth around $60 billion, has been accused by some Democrats of "trying to buy his way into the primary," Now This News reported. Many have also criticized the Democratic National Committee for playing into Bloomberg's favor by changing their debate qualifications to secure a podium for him on the stage, NBC News reported.

In one of his ads targeted toward suburban Democrats, Bloomberg's moderate message implies he would have saved Obamacare, unlike President Donald Trump, who "let Obamacare implode," The New York Times reported.

In another ad, Bloomberg highlights how he "worked together" with Obama "to combat gun violence and improve education."

On February 19, Bloomberg made his first debate appearance before the Nevada caucus where Biden came in at a distant second place to Sen. Bernie Sanders, the current frontrunner of the race. Sanders' victory was largely due to Latinx voters preferring him over Biden, who was booed during the Las Vegas debate, The Atlantic reported.

Although the results of the upcoming Saturday South Carolina primary are not going to matter to Bloomberg, seeing how he is not on the ballot, Biden is dependent on the Black vote and is struggling to prove to the Democratic National Committee that he is an electable candidate.

An Obama endorsement, albeit a fake one, could potentially mislead Black voters to withdraw from voting for Biden.

Blavity previously reported that in South Carolina — a state where 61% of Democratic primary voters were Black people in 2016 and that has a Black population of about 30% — Biden must secure a win in the state for him to prolong his presidential campaign.

Luckily for Biden, he received an endorsement from Rep. Jim Clyburn, the most influential Black congressman.