Zozibini Tunzi, the latest holder of the Miss Universe title, spoke with Trevor Noah on Tuesday night's episode of The Daily Show to discuss her struggles with racism and gender-based violence, as well as colorism.

The focus of the Miss Universe pageant has changed in recent years, putting issues of women empowerment in the forefront of the conversation. During her crowning speech, Tunzi thanked the people of her native South Africa for their support after being called a “downgrade” from the previous Miss South Africa winner when she won the title in August.

“International people started commenting, and I think my most interesting one was when I came to New York, I think four months ago. I came back to South Africa," Tunzi said. "It was late in the evening, and I took a photo of my apartment, and I was like, ah, it's such a beautiful night, and a comment came in…saying 'This photo is so black. It's as black as you are, Miss ugly South Africa.'"

Tunzi said that moment made her realize that anger was not the proper reaction, as the people spewing the hateful words were only pawns in a societal idea of beauty. 

“I think it was in that moment where I was like, I'm not even mad because it's just how society has labeled people to be," Tunzi said. "It's, like, how we have been programmed to see beauty that way, you know."

In keeping with her full dismissal of conventional beauty standards, Tunzi spoke with the Sunday Times about keeping her natural look while competing for the title.

"I decided to keep my hair short, embrace my natural look. If they take me the way that I am, fantastic, if they don't, that's fine too. They took a chance on me and now here I am.”

Tunzi became one of five Black women to hold the crowns of Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America, Miss Universe and Miss World this year, making this the first time ever Black women have swept the year's major pageant titles, according to CBS News