While everyone was paying attention to Baltimore, Missouri lawmakers just passed a number of bills inspired by Ferguson.

One of the key legislations that was snubbed is a bill that mandated that police officers wear body cameras. Another measure that was turned down required unpaid suspension if an officer shoots an unarmed person who’s more than 20 feet away.

The one measure that did get passed?

A bill capping traffic fines, eliminating warrants for a failure to appear and limiting detainment for minor traffic violations. While a bill of this nature will surely affect meaningful change in poor communities, it is essentially unrelated the topic of police brutality.

Many of the democratic leaders in Missouri expressed their frustration by the lack of change since the shooting death of Michael Brown. 

“We don’t have one piece of legislation that anyone here in this body can go home and say, hey, we did this for Ferguson,” said House Representative Clem Smith, “As it was this summer … it still is today. Nothing has changed.”

This is a reminder that in order to push for progress, we cannot allow network news outlets to control our narratives. Ferguson is not over just because everyone is now covering Baltimore. #StayWoke

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