A teenage cashier at a Missouri pizza restaurant was speechless after a customer surprised him with a big tip. Despite his arms and hands never fully developing, the teen, Ryheem Lumpkins, still runs the cash register, sweeps the floors and wipes down the buffet. 

According to KCTV, Lumpkins is typically introverted and shy, but his job at Pizza Ranch in Independence, Missouri, revealed another side of his personality.

“I see new people, I get excited when I see them. I never knew I could get excited when I see people,” he told the outlet.

One of those new people was Robert Samay, who noticed Lumpkins’ positive attitude last month. He gave him a $5 tip, and after seeing how happy it made him, he decided to do more.

He returned to the restaurant on Tuesday with a bigger surprise for Lumpkins.

“I appreciate your hard work, your good smile, your good attitude. We don’t get that nowadays, especially with young kids,” Samay told Lumpkins.

Samay’s friend pulled out a stack of $50 bills and started counting them. Lumpkins’ eyes swelled with tears as the bills piled up.

“To be honest, I was speechless,” Lumpkins recounted. “I never had nothing in my life that had happened to me like that before.”

But it wasn’t just the money that touched the 16-year-old; it was the random act of kindness.

“That right there showed me that there’s more people in the world that really cares for me,” Lumpkins said.

Lumpkins truly is a deserving recipient. He eloquently told KCTV he doesn’t consider his hands and arms a hindrance.

“I don’t describe it as a condition. God made me like this for a reason. I’m a regular person. I don’t think of it as a disability,” he said. “It don’t prevent me from nothing. If I feel like I can do it, I can do it.”

His ultimate career goal is to become a motivational speaker for children like him.

“Embrace what you have different from other people,” he said. “Because a lot of people think it’s cool and a lot of people wouldn’t think it’s cool. The negative words, don’t let it get to your head. Because there is a lot of positivity in the world.”