Don't call it a comeback! Missy Elliot is making it clear that her legacy in hip-hop and R&B can't be denied. In addition to sharing a new video with longtime video collaborator Dave Meyers, the rap icon is also giving fans a first look at an upcoming documentary that features interviews and praise from Elliot's music peers. It also gives fans a look inside the mind of the innovative producer/artist, proving just why Elliot is seen as one of the most important figures in hip-hop. 

Take a look at the trailer:

The new single, "I'm Better" is the first since 2015's hypnotic Pharrell-assisted "WTF." The video is a colorful collage of dancing scenes with Missy giving us her flow and a friendly reminder of her signature harmonies. The production takes a modern approach with co-production by Lamb, who also handles the chorus. We are long overdue for a Missy album, but over the last two years, she has made it clear a full record is coming soon. Between collaborating with Timbaland and Tweet for the latter's album and two videos and a documentary, a Missy takeover seems closer than ever before. This is certainly the good news we needed! Here's to more Missy in 2017!

Take a look at the video below:

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