Marvel's Iron Man protege Riri Williams, aka Ironheart, is one of the best new character additions to the universe that's happened in the last decade. And you know that we're Ironheart experts after we broke the story about the real-life celebrity who inspired the character's design. Along with the likes of new heroes like Miles Morales, Kamala Khan, America Chavez, Amadeus Cho, and Luella Lafayette, Riri is now a part of the most recent pantheon of Marvel characters. As they all develop through their own individual story arcs, you can be that as the years pass collaborations and team-ups will happen. From that rich source material to come in the comics, Marvel Studios will more than likely pull ideas for its next phase of films, which would make this new, diverse group of superheroes the stars of the MCU's very bright future. 

But until then, since the main focus for Marvel's Hollywood arm is Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy and the latest Avengers installments, some students from MIT have decided to hold it down and make our dreams come true. In their last annual Pi Day film, the students chose to focus on showing us into the world of the young black genius who built her very own suit of armor, very similar to Tony Stark's, while she attended the very same institution of learning in the story arc Invincible Iron Man. 

Even though there's no dialogue in this three-minute montage teaser for what Riri's life at MIT may look like, it definitely may be enough to sate some appetites, for a while at least. It most definitely is more than enough to show Marvel Studios and the rest of the company that there is a huge fan base for this character and that the people at large want to see her in action within every creative medium available – which makes more of a difference than people realize. 

If you find yourself becoming an Ironheart fan after checking out this clip, support the character and buy the back issues of Invincible Iron ManIt's 100 percent something the studio takes into account when moving characters from the books to the small or big screen.