There are many reasons to want a large family. Some people love children and desire a household filled with them, regardless of religious or cultural traditions. However, one woman shared her story on why she and her husband continue to have more children.

Yalancia Rosario of Dallas was pregnant for nearly a decade and had nine sons, with twins on the way. According to The Sun, the 30-year-old said she and her husband, Michael, will continue to have children until she has a girl.

Rosario has been very transparent with her pregnancy journey on social media. On Saturday, she shared an update by posting a video of the twins’ ultrasound on her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

“I wish I seen genders but I know it’s going to be boy/girl mom intuition! Im anxious to find out with you guys at the end of the month!!” she wrote in the Instagram caption.

As a content creator, Rosario often posts videos of her day-to-day life with her sons. She is a mom to Jamel, 12, Michael Jr., 9, Angelo, 8, Armani, 6, Prince, 5, Sincere, 3, Armani, 2, Gimani, 1, and Kairo, 2 months.

Rosario had her first child at 18 and has been pregnant almost yearly. The 30-year-old shared her pregnancy ups and downs and revealed she suffered a miscarriage during her first trimester, per the outlet.

Having a large family can be chaotic sometimes, but Rosario insists there’s never a dull moment in her household. While she loves her family, the Texas resident said trolls criticize her and say she’s using people’s tax money while insinuating her children have different fathers.

“Just because I don’t make it your business to know how much we bring in yearly does not give you the audacity. Please keep trolling though,” Rosario said in response to a critic on one of her Instagram videos.

Rosario revealed she once used contraceptives but no longer sees the need for them. The soon-to-be mom of 11 said she loves having children despite maintaining a hectic lifestyle with family. She and her husband have also strategically balanced their finances to have more than enough money to keep them afloat.

Earlier this year, she posted a video to her Instagram account stating she spends around $2,200 on her monthly grocery bill for a family of 10. “And my boys aren’t teens yet 😩,” she wrote in the caption.


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In a separate post, she shared how she manages her time by spending time with each of her children individually.

“I always find a way to spend time with each kid individually there’s 7 days a week with 24 hours a day you make time for what matters right! The next one I see a lot is People thinking you either have a ton of cash so you can afford the big family or you must be broke all the time with all those kids. Certain things are definitely more expensive with multiple kids but it’s really not as costly as everyone thinks. We live comfortably with what we make. Then you have those people that say the older kids have to be responsible. For one, kids naturally look out for their younger siblings regardless of how many kids you have!but we most definitely aren’t forcing them to be parents,” she wrote.