Iconic actor Morgan Freeman criticized using AI voice imitation on social media after a TikToker used his distinctive voice to narrate her vlogs, which garnered substantial viewership on the video-sharing platform.

Freeman, considered a legendary actor in Hollywood, is renowned for providing narration in many popular films. However, according to Variety, the 87-year-old is the latest celebrity affected by AI technology and has spoken out against it in a tweet posted on X, previously known as Twitter.

Freeman’s statement comes after content creator Justine, known online and on social platforms as @Justinescameraroll seemingly convinced users that she is related to Freeman after she shared her latest “a day in the life as a nepo niece” vlog entry using the Gone Baby Gone star’s voice.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Justine calls Freeman her “Uncle Mo” in the vlogs, leading many social media users to believe she is his niece.

“Her uncle is Morgan Freeman and she gets him to narrate her day in the life vlogs. She wins at life and content creation. This is such a flex,” one social media user wrote in a re-shared Tweet of the now-viral video.

The 44-second clip began with Freeman’s voice used as narration to show Justine’s day-to-day life, saying, “Justine begged for money for what she said would be a cultural experience in Spain. Does this sound like culture to you?” During the narration, the content creator was shown with her friends, cheering during what appeared to be a joyous occasion.

“She asked for my credit card to book what she claimed was a little activity for her birthday. Imagine my surprise when I was charged for a yacht. Basically, she embezzled. … Even though she’s bossy, I just can’t say no to her, apparently,” he continued in the video.

“that doesn’t sound like Morgan Freeman😭,” one user wrote.

“I see why GOD said: many will be deceived 😂😂😂. It’s starting to take shape with Ai 👀,” another wrote.

“Now if I comment on the fact that she is the only Black person in that entire video and she’s OK with that says something about her people will get mad. Anyways that’s AI not the real Morgan Freeman btw,” a third person tweeted.

One viewer pointed out that it seemed unusual for Justine to use Freeman’s voice and claim she’s related to him for status.

“just me or is it not extremely bizarre to use an actor’s AI voice to make content claiming you as blood family and using their AI voice to narrate made up stories about how they’re related to you😭 like I get it’s supposed to be “obvious” that this is trolling, lol but like…. ??” they tweeted.

Justine started using Freeman’s voice in March to narrate her trip to South Africa. Since then, she has created a few vlog entries with the help of “Uncle Mo” to increase her following on TikTok.

After going viral, she has addressed the headlines in a TikTok, saying that she thought it was obvious that she was joking about Freeman being her uncle and that “Uncle Mo” is now upset with her.

“If his team is watching, I am so sorry.I just thought it was funny…everybody loves the videos.” she said in the TikTok. “We were laughing, we were joking, he-he…ha-ha. Please don’t cease and desist. I’m just gagged…I’m gagged. This is all in good fun”


@justinescameraroll well, that was fun while it lasted. #unclemo ♬ original sound – Justine’s Camera Roll 📸✨