It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is a scary new reality. AI-generated songs and voice replications have taken the music world by storm. Although they have become something of a norm, that doesn’t make them any less terrifying, as they are amazingly realistic.

Here are some of the more shocking examples:

Kill Bill by SZA (Ariana Grande AI Cover)

“Kill Bill,” a standout on SZA’s latest album, SOS, peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart and remained there for three weeks. The classic revenge story that singer SZA tells in this R&B tune of her fantasy to kill an ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend out of jealousy is hijacked by Ariana Grande’s light lyric soprano vocals.

WAP by Cardi B (Kanye West and Drake AI Cover)

Cardi B left no crumbs with her single, “WAP,” featuring Megan Thee Stallion. It comes from her long-awaited sequel to the 2018 album, Invasion of Privacy. But if you wondered who might sing it better, look no further than a collab of Kanye West and Drake to take the female rapper’s lyrics to new heights.

Die For You by The Weeknd (Michael Jackson AI Cover)

Michael Jackson’s legacy precedes him, but now fans are giving his voice new life by using AI to apply them to our favorite staple songs. “Die For You” by The Weeknd was the latest target.

Munch (Feelin’ U) by Ice Spice (Pop Smoke AI Cover)


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♬ Munch (Feelin’ U) – Ice Spice

We lost Pop Smoke to a robbery gone wrong back in 2020. Thanks to AI, he’s still making the rounds of virality. His latest? Taking over the anthem of hip hop’s new princess, Ice Spice, with his own twist.

Vigilante Shit by Taylor Swift (Billie Eilish AI Cover)

Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnights, is her 10th studio album, with “Vigilante Shit” an ode to settle scores. In what The New Yorker penned was a “husky, slurring voice” Billie Eilish has become famous for, she takes her whispery sound and applies it to Swift’s revenge anthem.

The internet remains divided on the matter, from comments on videos ranging from “All types of wrong” to “Wow, this is amazing” to “This is scary how good this is.” And the possibilities are endless when it comes to AI, exciting fans as much as it scares others, but the question artists are asking is: At what cost?

Where do you stand — and what’s your favorite AI cover?