As homecoming festivities continue to go down at HBCUs all over the country, one Baltimore institution’s president implores students to keep it classy.

Morgan State University (MSU) held its homecoming game on Saturday, and President David K. Wilson had some thoughts about how students left the campus grounds once the event ended.

After briefly speaking on the “positive vibes” that the homecoming event brought to the MSU community, Wilson slammed some attendees’ conduct.

“Following the conclusion of all campus-related activities at 7 p.m., what transpired as law enforcement worked to clear the campus, left a lot to be desired,” he said in an email obtained by CBS Baltimore. “It was disappointing to witness the apparent acts of disrespect to our culture, our history and our traditions. This is not how one treats a National Treasure…this is not how Morgan State University deserves to be treated.”

“It is quite evident that some individuals are neither respecting our legacy nor our hallowed grounds. The amount of garbage strewed across the campus’ landscape, despite having available receptacles for use throughout, was disheartening,” he added.

Wilson also proceeded to speak on another disappointing situation that occurred on campus, which left a 20-year-old man with a gunshot wound; while the individual in question is not affiliated with the institution, it’s been confirmed that he was shot at an unsanctioned MSU after-party, CBS Baltimore reports.

“On top of the conditions of the grounds was the unfortunate and unwelcomed news of a shooting on campus outside of the University Student Center,” he noted. “These things that occurred on our campus do not reflect the homecoming experience we wish to have affiliated with Morgan State University.”

“Morgan’s homecoming was designed to attract alumni, students, and friends back to campus to honor our National Treasure. It is not about the social media bragging rights that have engulfed the HBCU world about who has the most ‘lit’ homecoming. This is not a space to which Morgan aspires,” he continued.

Wilson then outright said that anyone possessing “wrong intentions” is not welcome at the institution.

“We will NOT stand for anyone trashing our precious treasure. The creation and sharing of knowledge, inspiring leaders, educating students and continuing to expand the Black middle class in this country—these are the pillars upon which we stand and balance the scales of generations of inequities. Any other foolishness will not be tolerated,” he firmly wrote.

Wilson wound his statement down by saying that students “will be hearing more from [him] regarding [his] thinking as it relates to future homecomings.”

“One thing that I can assure you right now is that what I’ve seen in the last two years is not what this university will accept,” he expressed.

While it’s unclear how these recent occurrences will impact future MSU homecoming events, it sounds like Wilson is serious about putting his foot down.

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