The mother and daughter duo behind the YouTube channel My Froggy Stuff transformed a Princess Tiana doll into a Princess Shuri doll inspired by the hit Marvel film Black Panther

The film, expected to hit $1 billion by week's end, is one of the most successful and inspiring films. Since its release, it has dominated the pop culture zeitgeist and become a shining example of what representation means to audiences around the world. 

People have fallen in love with the film's cast and visuals, but Princess Shuri, sister of King T'Challa/Black Panther, may be one of the most popular characters. 

The My Froggy Stuff YouTube channel received many requests to make a doll inspired by the Wakandan tech wiz, and they obliged reconfiguring a Tiana doll by taking down her hair and replacing her costume with a custom-made Shuri dress.

Shuri served as the chief tech advisor to her brother, designing weapons and tools to make his rule easier. Her popularity inspired Disney to donate $1 million to national STEM programs. Each time Shuri appeared on-screen, she stole the scene with her clever one-liners and wisecracks. 

My Froggy Stuff's video, which was released during the last week of Black History Month, has garnered almost 400,000 views. Clearly, others want to make a doll like this for themselves. Take a look at the duo's process below: