36-year-old Delrie Rosario died after a freak accident at LA Fitness. The mother of four was exercising at the gym location in Kent, Washington, when she fell and hit her head on a treadmill. Rosario lost consciousness and died in the hospital.

“All we were doing was working out,” Rosario’s sister, Marissa Woods, told KIRO 7 News. She was at the gym with her sibling on Friday, July 21, at the time of the unexpected accident. 

According to KIRO, Rosario attempted to slow the treadmill down when she missed a step and tumbled, causing her to hit her head on the treadmill.

Woods said that she began crying out for someone to help her sister. “I was screaming, you know, ‘Anybody, just please help! Anybody know how to do CPR?'”

She claimed that while other gym-goers stopped to assist her sister, none of the gym staff came to her aid.

LA Fitness has not provided a statement on behalf of the location. 

Rosario’s grieving family told the outlet she was a dedicated mother and would do anything for her kids. “Everything she does is for her kids. She works so hard for her kids,” Woods said.

Her giving nature will continue even with her passing. Rosario was an organ donor and will ultimately save the lives of five people with her generous decision.

“I just think somebody is walking around … with her big heart, you know? Just walking around, like they don’t even know what heart they’re about to get,” Woods told KNOE-TV.

The Independent reported that Rosario’s heart, lungs, kidneys and liver have since been transplanted to people on organ donor waiting lists.

The mother providing the gift of life to others has helped her family cope with losing her. 

“We’re grieving and we’re in loss and saddened, but she’s helping so many people right now. Like, I can’t say that’s not an angel, truly though,” Woods said, according to KIRO.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 15,800 treadmill-related accidents in 2020 and 22,500 in 2019. While the number of accidents seems high, only three to four deaths were reported yearly.

Rosario’s coworkers have set up a GoFundMe to provide assistance and support for the four children she left behind.